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Coronavirus update 20th March 2020 – critical worker clarification

Further to our previous correspondence, the Government have now clarified their position around a number of areas.  This includes the definition of those parents/carers classed as critical workers and parents/carers of vulnerable children who can continue to use YMCA childcare services if their child cannot be safely looked after at home.  The full Government advice is here

As an organisation, we are committed to opening all of our childcare settings on Monday for affected families and will assess need during the week to work out how to deliver care in the most efficient manner i.e. if some settings have very small numbers, we may move the children to another of our settings.  Please remember that our settings are only available to those families listed in the categories below at this time.

Critical workers – if your job role is included in the critical worker list, please contact your setting by telephone as soon as possible during working hours so we can understand your requirements.  You will also need to complete and return this form to your setting directly either by email or when you drop your child off.  Please note that our settings are not open at the weekend so if you receive this message after hours, contact your setting next week. The guidance states that parents who work in the sectors affected may be able to ensure their child is kept at home and that every child who can be safely cared for at home should be.  So if you are deemed a critical worker but do not require childcare, you do not have to send your child although the provision is available for you.  If you do not use your setting, you will not be charged.

Vulnerable children – if your feel your child is included in this category, please contact your setting to discuss this with them.

Our senior management team will continue to monitor the situation and will keep in communication with you in relation to any changes.