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Have you met our friend Walice?

Walice Costume

He is a bit of a celebrity around here; story has it that:

'Walice the Fox loved his school trip to Fairthorne Manor so much that he decided to stay! He has been busy trying all the activities and will soon start exploring the rest of the YMCA. Walice embodies the YMCA's values (welcoming, active, listening, inspiring, caring, exciting) and is on a mission to make sure everyone that comes to the YMCA has a fantastic time.'

Since joining us, Walice has been on some amazing adventures, visiting not only other parts of the YMCA but also joining our mini adventurers on their travels too – have a look:

  • Walice Airport
  • Walice Safari
  • Walice Paris
  • Walice Newport
  • Walice New York
  • Walice Grand Canyon
  • Walice FM
  • Walice Bugle House
  • Walice Andover

Walice often makes an appearance at our events or our daycamps. But if you would like to see what he is getting up to, Walice has his own Facebook page!

We’ve even got a couple of activity and colouring sheets for you to download and enjoy:

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