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Today is National Caregivers Day, and while usually this is aimed at healthcare professionals in recognition for the work that they do, we would like to take time to give caregivers of all types the praise they deserve. Caring for someone else in any way possible inspires others to do the same and this is what our YMCA family works to do in our communities, inspire! In fact it is one of our six core values and no matter if you are caring for a child, senior, parent, or sibling, the efforts you put forth help those people continue to live happy healthy lives.

We have a strong commitment to the young carers whether that is through our Young Carers Programme on the Isle or Wight or to those that attend the Young Carers Festival in the summer to those that we support with bursary funding to have days/time off to just be children/young people. Whatever their circumstances and even through there is a Young Carers Day we want to take every opportunity we can to say to those very special people ‘you do matter and we are here to support you’.

This is also a fantastic opportunity to recognise the daily caring that our staff do for the children and young people in their care, whether that is one of our Nursery and Pre-school settings, in our housing services or at our community branches. You guys are the best, thank you for all you do!

So today we challenge you – what can you do today that does something for someone else? No matter how big or small and act of care and help towards another can make you a caregiver! Someone out there will really appreciate your efforts!

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