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We have all done it. It can be because we are in a hurry, in an unfamiliar place, or even just because we want to; but for some reason or another we have all eaten alone. Now this is not a bad thing by itself, but today instead of making your usual routine lunch break we challenge you to share it with someone, anyone!

The message for today is No One Eats Alone, and this is such a simple gesture that can really be valuable to not only others but to you as well! A lot of people do not choose to eat alone and by simply welcoming them to your table and listening you can change their whole day. In the process you will be spreading a small positive effect that they will carry over to others from your inspiration, and it doesn’t stop there! The mental and physical health benefits from sharing a meal give back to you as well.

Eating with someone can come in many forms, if you normally eat alone sharing your lunch-break with someone can really lift your spirits as conversation/laughter is a real tonic. Offering to share a meal with someone even if not accepted can have a positive impact on that person if they feel quite lonely, it is also a great way to meet new people and make new friends. So encourage your children to eat with a new friend at school today and whole family will be spreading the YMCA way! Share a meal and encourage a happy health life today.’


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