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Last year we were lucky enough to establish a relationship with the RSPCA after Richard our Fairthorne Manor Director went along to the ARK in Stubbington to make a personal donation. In no time at all he got talking with one of the staff members there and invited several of the ARK team to come to Fairthorne Manor to see what we had to offer; with our magnificent grounds and the already established animals and habitats. It was a glorious day and whilst on the tour they were lucky enough to see our deer, the numerous rabbits, ducks both on the lake and the river and talk about the badgers, foxes and otters.

It was clear to them that here at the YMCA we own an absolute gem. Fairthorne Manor has fantastic woodlands and water access; so we agreed to do some releases and work together to help the animals back into their natural environments. Since we started the relationship we have released 11 ducks and 5 hedgehogs, we have discussed slow releases for foxes and any other injured birds that they may have.

“It has been great for our international staff who are not always familiar with the British wildlife and to see the wonderful expressions on both toddlers and adults alike when seeing a hedgehog for the first time up close.”

Richard, Fairthorne Manor Director

Our latest release was done with the Treetots Parent & Toddler group held on Monday and Friday mornings. There was a quick discussion about the animal and how we are helping but more importantly how we can look after the animals and their habitats. 

Hedgehog 4

2018 sees a big focus for us here at Fairthorne Manor and we will be thinking of new ways that we can do our little bit for the environment and what impact not only as an organisation we have on society but also as individuals. Have a think how you can help, can you build an animal home, a bug hotel, a frog/toad house, a hedgehog hideaway or maybe help putting out some bird seed in the winter months, but also think about the plastic you use and how its disposed of. Can you use paper or wood instead, use glass jars, buy fresh foods out of packaging, it all helps.


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