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YMCA Street Sleep – Sleep outside with us for one night to make a lifetime’s difference for vulnerable young people

A safe place to live; good health; support from a loving family. Things that we might all take for granted. But for some young people, life doesn’t present the same opportunities. Would you be prepared to be sponsored to spend just one night sleeping outside with us?

On Friday March 15th, YMCA are hosting Street Sleep outside, in the iconic Southampton Guildhall Square. From 6pm to 7am, participants will sleep outside, in the midst of a thriving social area, filled with bars, restaurants and buzzing nightlife to raise money to support vulnerable young people.

Sleeping in boxes for Sleep Easy

It’s a challenge for many people who are used to their home comforts and a nice warm bed. But, by raising sponsorship and taking part in Street Sleep, you could help make a lifetime’s difference to someone just like Mark:

“I was 23 when I first became homeless. For about a year I didn’t know where I was going to sleep, what I was going to eat, if I was going to be jumped for my clothes. I applied to the YMCA, and was on waiting programme for a while, but once I got a room I was able to secure myself, keep myself warm, and have the support I needed. My mental health has been up and down, but the YMCA has helped a lot with the support, helping me budget my money, pushing me to achieve goals that I didn’t think I would ever get to. I’m hoping that now I’ve acquired a new job that in a few months I can get my own place, start settling down, have my son more often, and actually spend some quality time with him, which I haven’t been able to do. Hopefully with the support from the staff I can achieve that and move forward and be able to give him things that I didn’t have being homeless.”

But, as we are all about championing positivity, we do have a few fun activities planned for the evening.  The main event being the exciting cardboard box challenge kindly donated by White and Company, and John Lewis, along with a few other surprises!

Corin Ball, YMCA Participation and Fundraising Events Lead said “The evening is set to be wonderful fundraising event, with a great atmosphere and most importantly with the intention to raise awareness of the difference you can help to make for vulnerable young people.

Food and beverages will be provided and a chance to bed down and snooze for the evening allowing time to reflect on how your achievement has made a difference.

Join us: If you are interested in taking part in Street Sleep, please sign up here or email [email protected] to find out more.


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