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If you’re bringing home lots of sticks from your walks whilst in lockdown – why not use them for a fun activity! Here are some of our favourite ideas:

  • Make a “measuring stick” by wrapping tape in equal sections around the stick and use it to measure different objects in your house.
  • Each walk, see if you can find a different coloured or textured stick, and compare the differences at home.
  • Lie your sticks out in the shape of a skeleton! Talk about the different bones and body parts.
  • Find other materials on your walk and in your house to wrap around your stick in a rainbow pattern e.g. green leaves, yellow flowers, red ribbon etc.
  • Push your stick into the ground so it’s standing upright and use the shadow to tell the time.
  • Pile your sticks together in your garden as a home for minibeasts.
  • Lay a number of sticks in a grid pattern, then find objects around your house that fit into the right angles e.g. lego bricks, small cardboard boxes.