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First Name

Playing sound effect games helps babies to:

  • Learn to listen and concentrate
  • Learn that their own sounds can be expressive
  • Learn to take turns at making noises, like conversations in sounds
  • Realise that their own body and mouth language is valuable to other people, even with no words

The rain game 

Play the rain game with your baby. Even if they are very small, they will probably enjoy feeling all the sensations this game gives.  Tell your baby a story about the rain and use your hands and breath to make sounds expressive of a rain storm.

‘First there was a small wind – rub palms of hands together, or blow very lightly on your baby’s cheek. Then came tiny splashy drops of water – clap your hands lightly. These got faster and faster – clap faster. Until they were thumping on the roof – slap your thighs. And the wind whistled all around the house – whistle with your breath. Then it became lighter… and lighter… and lighter – clap hands lightly and then gradually stop – until the rain stopped. Then the wind blew again, and the sun came out – hold your arms up.’