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First Name

What to do:

  1. Tell children you are going to make some imaginary sandwiches.
  2. The first child starts by saying “In my sandwich I like…” and then suggests an ingredient.
  3. The next child/family member has to repeat what the first child has said and then add another ingredient that starts with the same sound.
  4. Keep going until the list gets too long or you run out of ideas!

The ingredients don’t have to be typical “ingredients” – make then fun! For example “In my sandwich I like cheese, chocolate, cherries, checks, chairs”

Taking it forward

  • Make the list a rhyming list
  • Make the ingredients have the same number of syllables rather than start with the same sound.

Whats in it for the children?

The children are listening to and recalling alliteration as well as having the opportunity to practice their knowledge of initial sounds.