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First Name

Playing bubble games with babies gives them lots of opportunities to respond with their mouths, eyes, fingers toes and whole bodes. Watch out for their many responses. The games help you baby to use their senses and have fun responding to new experiences and opportunities. They can get to know other people as they watch their faces.

Here’s some of our favourite suggestions:

  • Blow bubbles from a tube of mixture or in the bath, bowl or sink
  • Use a hair dryer pointed at a light scarf to make it ‘float’
  • Blow on tissue paper; it’s like playing peekaboo
  • Hang a mobile or wind chimes where the air can move them
  • Blow gently on your baby’s face being careful to avoid the delicate eye area which can make them uncomfortable.

Watch these cute babies giggling and having fun with bubbles – you can’t help but laugh along too: