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First Name

Babies can hear from the moment of birth – even before birth they are aware of sound vibration from both inside and outside their mother.

In using gentle pats on the back to soothe a baby, we are recalling the rhythmic thud of the heartbeat your baby was used to hearing constantly in the womb.

Have you ever noticed that your baby will ‘jump’ at sudden, sharp sounds but may sleep through the whirr of the washing machine or hairdryer?

When babies listen intently, it is to the human voice – in the early days, your baby may not turn their head in your direction but will listen and ‘tune in’. Having some quiet time together each day without background noises from TV and music will really help.


Home Activity – How to make Drums

Saucepans, biscuit tins or plastic ice-cream tubs make instant drums when hit with a wooden spoon.

  • Try singing a favourite song and playing the drum at the same time, can you tap out the rhythm?
  • Try saying baby’s name in different tapped-out rhythms
  • Listen to your baby and try and copy – they will soon pick up the idea of playing and then stopping to listen
  • Try softly whispering and then speaking louder too

Making and playing drums helps babies to:

  • Develop listening skills
  • Create sounds and respond to them
  • Co-ordinate hand to eye sound
  • Broaden their experience of sounds around them