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First Name

Babies love this game because of the element of anticipation and surprise – but be warned, it can go on for a very long time!

Lots of people can play this game with your child and as your baby grows and get used to seeing more friends, relatives, and carers they will get to know them better.

Here’s some suggestions what you can use to make this even more fun:

  • Use anything to hide your face from your baby: a tea towel, cushion, a toy or just your hands. You could use something see-through with a younger baby so that you don’t disappear
  • Try making different faces or sounds – can you roar like a lion?
  • Vary your voice sounds, whispering and then getting louder

Just a simple game will mean your baby has fun getting to know other people, develop a sense of humour and start to create communication skills as they look, listen and respond.

Watch and listen for some cute giggles every time 😊