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When babies are very small, they often make funny little sounds: shrieks, babbles and whoops. This is all part of them trying out their voices and having fun with sounds.

Singing short bursts of tunes to them often captures their attention and delight especially when you can look closely at each other. Singing together can encourage your baby to talk and sing more and more – its all about repetition and familiarity.

Here’s a few of our favourite songs for singing:

  • Twinkle Twinkle little star
  • Head shoulders knees and toes
  • Round and Round the garden
  • Old Macdonald’s Farm

Songs, rhymes and music can bring pleasure, fun and security to young children. When these things are a part of children’s lives from the very beginning, children are more likely to:

  • Feel good about themselves
  • Listen well and respond expressively
  • Be able to distinguish between sounds
  • Know many songs and rhymes

All these things are likely to help children become good learners. Why not try a few today see which ones get the best response from your baby?