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We are always looking for ways to improve the health of the children and families we work with, and one of the funding opportunities that we identified was to work with the Children’s Health Fund to install water fountains in our nurseries and pre-schools across Southampton. Allowing children to independently access fresh drinking water from outdoors fountains. 

“The YMCA are very grateful for the donation from the Children’s Health Fund as this has enabled us to work with families to support healthy choices for drinking water both at childcare settings and at home. We believe that integrating the water fountains into other activities will encourage greater hydration which in turn will assist with children’s learning and development”

Andrew, YMCA Area Director

Children within each of the YMCA’s childcare settings will be shown how to use and independently access the water fountains and inspired to select water to drink through specific activities that involve drinking water combined, of course, with having fun! Parents will be encouraged to join in with staff in filling their own water bottles outside and drinking water where the children can see them.


The project is funded by the Children’s Health Fund which provides grants to projects that are improving access to drinking water for children. The Children’s Health Fund was set up by the charity Sustain with the help of Jamie Oliver as part of a campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of sugary drinks in our children’s diets.

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Grant money is raised by restaurants around the UK who are voluntarily implementing a 10p sugar levy on soft drinks with added sugar on their menus. For more information visit 

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