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All of the hard work our YMCA family accomplishes is to serve our communities in a variety of needs. However, they all are traced back to the YMCA way of believing in everyones right to have the opportunity to lead happy and healthy lives.

Today for National Random Act of Kindness observance we would like to show how a simple thing, such as being kind, can reach all of these points. 


This video outlines perfectly what we mean! Being kind not only makes you feel good about yourself and other but can also help with things like reducing stress. It has been shown to lower blood pressure and contribute to longer life due to less stress but we aren’t experts in this side so what we want to help you reflect upon is the opportunity to feel better spiritually and or emotionally every time something you do passes on kindness to others.

All of us here at the YMCA recognise this connection in the work we do for our communities. Everything we do affects our mind, body, and spirit whether we know it or not! The great thing about being kind is these positive outcomes dont just affect you. Your random act of kindness spreads the spiritual and mental benefits to those around you. If we havent convinced you of the benefits of being kind yet, go out and feel the effects for yourself and let us know how kindness helped you feel.

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