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National Storytelling Week

“Once upon a time” … “a long, long time ago”…  “it was a dark and stormy night”…

How do you begin your stories? At YMCA we love a good story -whether that’s shared with the children in the Nursery, told as a tale in a group huddled around a toasty campfire or just curled up with a book or kindle and a nice hot drink enjoying some quiet ‘me’ time.  A good story can be enjoyed by all ages.

Watch how much the children at our Weston Library enjoyed listening and acting out a “Bear Hunt” story:


And what better reason for us to celebrate enjoying stories than #National Storytelling Week?

In our Nurseries and Pre-schools, Maria Celeghin, our YMCA Early Years Operations Manager is a big advocate for following Pie Corbett’s Storytelling and story making approach to enable young children to learn how to share orally traditional fairy tales using puppets, role play and arts and crafts before they can even write, whilst having lots of fun at the same time.

Take a look at children from our Fairthorne Nursery enjoying Goldilocks and the Three Bears using paints and crafts:


However, you choose to celebrate #National StoryTelling Week – enjoy it! Do feel free to share your favourite story with us. Happy Reading!


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