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Working with a really great bunch of people does help the day go quicker and with lots more fun! In previous years the team at Fairthorne Manor has been made up of international volunteers from countries far and wide. 2017 was no different and we were blessed with a fantastic group of young people. Here is a video that they have created which gives an insight to their time with us. Its quite long but even if you only watch a couple of minutes you will see what a great bunch of people they were and how much fun the whole team had.

'Thank you for bringing me to YMCA I had an amazing time with the children, learnt so many skills and left with good and valuable experience and certificates that I’m sure will come in handy at the right time.

I worked with an amazing team at the YMCA, Richard our director was so approachable and kind and supportive in everything I needed. Emily made our accommodations always comfortable for all of us, I thank you. Lloyd my direct line manager is the kind of boss any employee would want, so kind, so laid back and very supportive. I was blessed to make friends who I will always cherish like Karina, Anneke and Beth who were just amazing. Caroline our Catering manager was kind, so loving. I remember the first time we had introductions she said “I’m in charge of your meals like your mother at home but I’m not your mother” despite that she made sure that we were all fed and taken care of.
I thank Adam, for being forever kind and easy to work with so comfortable to work with, Martin B, Cam, Peter and James too and of course Sally. Thank you so so much Sal. Darren and Martin in the field thank you for being my friends.

I got to work with beautiful smart cute children that were so adorable and I got attached to every batch I was given and a piece of my heart left with them every time they said goodbye. I had a beautiful time.
So I would like to take this chance and thank you - the YMCA family and all the schools I worked with for their humbling opportunity to be a part of them.
I couldn’t have been more blessed to come here.'

Francesco Bonini, Kenya

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