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Street Sleep Southampton 2020 – Coronavirus update 13th March 2020

Yesterday evening our YMCA Coronavirus Action Group met again to review our activities in the light of government advice on Coronavirus. One of the decisions we have made is to move the date of 2020 Street Sleep to the autumn. We do not want to inadvertently contribute to the risk of spread of infection and we want to help protect all of you, and the people around you. We also want to make sure we can protect the vulnerable young people you are helping to support, particularly the 200 who live in YMCA accommodation in Southampton and Basingstoke, and YMCA staff and volunteers need to be in the best position to be able look after them in the coming weeks.

The Esplanade at West Quay have suggested 2nd October 2020 might be available and our suppliers have kindly allowed us to move the date without penalty. Please note that we need to confirm the new date – we won’t know for sure until next week so please wait for a further update – but we can confirm that 20th March will not be going ahead.

Thank you so much for continuing to support these vulnerable young people in such difficult times.