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We are loving this opportunity to celebrate every weird and wonderful day out there for a full 60 days. Its been a great way to show that actually a lot of the fantastic work we deliver here at the YMCA is well suited to supporting positive outcomes and celebrations. Today is one of the best yet – National Make a Friend Day; how cool a day is that. And it couldn’t have been more perfectly timed as tomorrow sees the start of our school holiday Daycamps at 4 of our settings across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. We take great pride in the fact that often children come to our Daycamps not knowing another sole and by the time they leave they have made a bunch of new friends! 

So if your child is joining us tomorrow or any day over the half term and if they are feeling slightly nervous about not knowing anyone, please reassure them that we will do everything we can to help them feel at home and settled making new friends as they go! 

But making friends isn’t limited to our children – everyone of all ages can make a new friend and we would like to encourage each and everyone of you to say hello to someone new and maybe even start a conversation. But we know its hard and often the hardest bit is finding likeminded people or an opportunity to find people in a similar situation so that you have something in common and we want to help.

In each of our community branches we offer various groups from parent and toddler to wooly Wednesdays; community art projects to youth groups; storytime to school holiday daycamps, all are a great way to meet new people. Plus there is always an option to meet our staff, or volunteer for us – another great way to get to know new friends.

Whatever way you decide, we invite you to enjoy today and if you can – say hello to someone new or reassure your child if they are coming to Daycamps tomorrow!

Celebrating in a football goal at one of the Southampton Daycamps.
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Children on sofa at Weston Nursery & Pre-school

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