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Celebrating local traditions on World Religion Day

For World Religion Day, children at our YMCA Woolston Nursery were invited to share and celebrate other traditions and customs from their cultures and backgrounds with each other.

The Pre-school celebrated Holi and also practiced their yoga and meditation. Babies enjoyed drawing around their hands and decorating with henna patterns, and playing in different types of rice to learn about the colours of the world. 

World religion day 2

At YMCA, children and families from all religious and ethnic backgrounds are welcome and we aim to offer support to all members of the community. Set up and established as an organisation that serves people of all faiths and welcoming those also who choose not to follow a faith – everyone is welcome!

We enjoy celebrating all festivals and major events with the children and families of the nursery and the local community. Children are encouraged to learn about a variety of festivals through stories, activities, games, experiences and celebrations as we reflect on different cultures

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