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Like us, you believe in creating strong and happy communities where local children, young people and families have the opportunities they need to thrive. Together, we can achieve this.

When you join our network of supporters, we will continually endeavour to look after you and your interests, and always respect and acknowledge your contributions. Here are our promises to you:

We will always be true to our charitable purpose. This means ensuring that the happiness and health of children, young people and families will forever be at the heart of everything we do. By supporting us, you know that your donations are going directly towards making your communities stronger and transforming the opportunities available for local people.
Your support will always be respected and valued. It is because of you that local children, young people and the wider community can continue to benefit from the range of programmes and support available at YMCA Branches. We will continue to express our appreciation for your contributions by providing you regular updates on our work across various channels of communication, to show you the real value your support makes.
We will always be clear, honest and open about what we do. We always aim to be as transparent as possible. We will do what we say we will do, and will be upfront if we’re not able to achieve what we set out to do. We will share information and give clear explanations about what we are doing and why. When asked questions, we will endeavour to be as honest as possible.
We will always fundraise with integrity. This means respecting the needs of everyone we come into contact with, actively looking after their data. [Fundraising Regulator] We will protect the privacy and dignity of people we work with, and take care not to use any words or images that would intentionally cause distress. We respect your rights and privacy, and ensure your data is always safe with us.
We will give you the opportunities to show your support in the ways that suit you. Your contributions to creating opportunities for local communities to lead happy, healthy lives are always valued, whatever form they come in. We aim to provide you with new and exciting ways to get involved. We will support you anyway you would like to contribute, be it donating, fundraising in whichever way you choose, or giving your time and experience through volunteering. However you would like to show your support, we’d love to hear your ideas and support you however we can.

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