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All About Families (Portsea Stay and Play)

Last summer, we started a brand-new stay and play group at our YMCA Nursery in Portsea. ‘All About Families’ is a free weekly group held every Tuesday from 10am-11.30am for under 5s and their families.

Claire Percival, Portsmouth & Gosport Community Manager shares some heart-warming stories of how this new group has made a difference to local families:

Two local families have made real progress through ‘All About Families’.

 A Mum and her 2-year old daughter are asylum seekers and were supported by the YMCA in their home country when they had to flee from war. They saw and recognised our YMCA Portsea sign on Queen’s Road and walked in to find out what the YMCA could offer to them in their new home. They have attended ‘All About Families’ every week since it started and have built a great relationship with the team. Mum asks for tips on cooking, shopping and even how to make buttercream as her English is not as good as she would like. The little girl is now looking forward to starting at YMCA Portsea Nursery in the next few months and we look forward to welcoming them to the YMCA.

 The group has also been fantastic for a 1-year old little boy who struggles to play with other children. When he first started coming to the group he would only sit with Mum and would be tearful most of the time. He has gradually gained the confidence to leave his Mum’s lap and try activities. A couple of weeks ago he had a huge break through and started laughing and playing with other children and even tried some painting and gluing!”

Parents can make new friends, get support and advice and children get to try new activities. We’d love to welcome more of our local families to join us at ‘All About Families’ or any of our other community groups.

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