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Each year we work with thousands of children, young people and their families; but we also work with lots of individual adults. This could be through volunteering or attending a job club. It could be through fundraising or attending an activity at one of our settings. Or it could be through our Adult Team Building programmes that we offer at our Fairthorne Manor site.

Fairthorne Manor is located just outside of Botley and has 111 acres of beautiful countryside, a lake as well as access to the River Hamble. More importantly it is home to our outdoor activity centre and highly skilled staffing team who are ready to take any group of people whether that is a group of work colleagues or a social group looking to try something different through a challenge.

There are many ways of participating, some want to come and learn to trust or communicate more, or do half a day workshop followed by half a day team building; others have time committed by their organisation to supporting local charities and as part of that we can incorporate team building and fun into what they do. Others come after work and enjoy a paddle to the pub! Whichever format works for you and your group of people we can create a bespoke programme that delivers on your needs.


Last year we did a lot of work with Zurich, here is what they had to say about their experience:

“In 2017 a bunch of IT project managers decided to get their hands dirty and help out at Fairthorne Manor as part of the annual Zurich Community Trust Challenges. ZCT is a registered charity which is funded by the Zurich UK businesses and employees, with the aim of supporting charitable organisations across the country. We wanted to support Fairthorne Manor as it is a local service that many of us were familiar with.
On the challenge day itself we put on our overalls and built a giant outside Chess Board that can be used by the families who stay at the Manor - this involved marking out and preparing the area, painting the tiles, and finally laying and finishing. Everyone who took part agreed it was great to be able to give back to a local charity and see the valuable work that the YMCA do with young people.
Also, at the end of the day we were given the opportunity to experience one of the activities, Canoeing, that Fairthorne do with the families. The day was a fantastic opportunity to come together as a team, building and strengthening our relationships.”

Aimee Bartlett, Zurich Insurance


For more information about our team building at Fairthorne Manor including activities and room hire, visit our Adult Team Building page.

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