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Today is ‘Time to Talk Day – recognising those with mental health problems and the need for someone to talk to about these issues. This need to connect comes in many different forms whether that be the need to socialise like our ‘Men in Sheds’ initiative or someone to talk to like our young carers, those in our housing services or as a friendly face in our community spaces. Either way this is an important issue that we here are the YMCA are keen to support.

How are you?” This is such an innocent and everyday question that mostly never gets a genuine response. This common occurrence can affect those with mental health issues a lot more dramatically than you may realise.  We could think of no better member of the YMCA family for this than our Youth Ambassador and Engagement Co-ordinator Adam Barrett-Alexander. He has worked first hand with the youth we have served in our communities and through this has seen what the YMCA difference can do to help with mental health issues.


“Mental health is an issue that affects us all, either directly or indirectly. Here at the YMCA we offer a safe space for young people, where they can access support for rebuilding or enhancing their lives. We do everything we can at the YMCA to help improve or maintain young people’s mental health. Our hope is that everyone within a community is able to access the support they need. But for today we could all start by asking the question - How are you today? and be willing to listen to the answer”

Adam Barrrett-Alexander, YMCA

If you or someone you know are dealing with mental health problems talking is the first and hardest step to take. But today is the day we want everyone who has been quiet to take this step. Lean on family, friends, and your YMCA and you will see the huge change that it can have on your daily life. And even if you have no conversations directly with those affected, it is still important to have the conversation about the truths within mental health. If you would like to help us to have an impact and support those in our communities you can volunteer your time, offer a donation or check out our I Am Whole” campaign to see what we have already accomplished for the youth community dealing with these challenges.

Remember, take time and talk to someone today and you can change a life forever!

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