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When working in a nursery it is hard not to get attached to each and everyone of the amazing children that pass through our settings every year. But it gets even harder when something happens to one of them; and this is what happened when one little boy, Aidan, got sick. We asked Felicity, Aidan’s Mum to tell it to us in her own words:

Our son Aidan who is now 2 has been at YMCA Portsea Nursery since he was 9 months old and he loves it. In September 2016 Aidan was diagnosed with Leukaemia which meant he had to leave nursery for treatment. The nursery were fantastic and on his long journey of recovery, he has been given fantastic support by them. The manager and Aidan’s keyworker have gone above and beyond to support his return, sourcing separate food provisions due to his requirements, setting up a separate room initially to reduce his risk of infection and providing special training to all their staff on how to lift and carry him. They have also liaised with his oncology nurse – who is very happy with what they have done. Aidan is now back in the nursery full time and improving every day. I feel secure in the knowledge that he is safe and having fun with all his friends.

Felicity Smith (Aidan’s Mum)
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We are so proud of Aidan, his strength and courage throughout has been inspiring. So on this our 51st day of Positivity we can truly say this is one of the best days yet, a little boy with a lot of bravery and positivity has seen him reach the other side of his battle! Well Done Aidan.

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