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Hi Everyone

Me again! How many times do you come in from work and groan to yourself….the children are hungry and want feeding NOW….the dog is around your feet….you haven’t even had time to take off your coat or put the kettle on?

You do not have to resort to shop-bought meals.

It is easy to make healthy meals for a fraction of the cost of ready-to-eat meals. There are many options that only require a little pre-planning.  I often prepare a meal the night before.  Then it only needs cooking in the oven when I get in from work; or have the slow-cooker on all day with only pasta, rice or potatoes to cook.


Some of my husband’s favourites are cottage pie, beef bourguignon or goulash, any type of stew, pasta bakes with vegetables (tomato or cheese sauces).  Ok, he is not really so fond of my vegetable pasta bakes! But you get the idea! So here is my recipe that will feed a family of 4 for less then £5.

Day 10 - Cottage Pie_V2Artboard 1

For a vegetarian option you can substitute the meat mix with any pulses, tofu and other vegetables and use tomatoes as a base.

I hope you enjoy this meal, I’d love to see some pictures if anyone has any of their finished achievement. Please feel free to share them with us on our YMCA Fairthorne Group Facebook page.

See you soon



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