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Bonjour National Croissant Day!

A day in honour of the flaky buttery pastry? Yes!

Join us today in celebrating National Croissant day, whether it’s served warm or cold, just take a moment to enjoy.

Legend has it that the last Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, of the “let them eat cake!” notoriety introduced the flaky pastry treat that we know as ‘croissants’ to the French Aristocracy. Regarded then as a comfort food introduced from Vienna in her home country Austria, breakfast was the chosen meal to consume a croissant accompanied by a strong coffee.

Hundreds of years later and the tradition for a morning pastry continues. But have you ever tried it as a savoury snack with ham and cheese filling?

But why January 30th? We don’t actually know … but here’s what we have learnt about croissants – you might be surprised!

  1. They’re actually Austrian (but became French when people started to make with puff pastry which is a French innovation).
  2. The crescent moon shape was created by Viennese bakers to celebrate the defeat of the Turkish Ottomans in the 1600’s and modelled on the Turkish flag.
  3. Croissants started as a luxury product but by the end of the 19th Century it was considered middle-class (the rich preferred a superior Brioche).



Today, our YMCA nurseries and Pre-schools will get to enjoy a croissant as a tasty tea-time treat. We hope you enjoy celebrating this day as much as they will!

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