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First Name

We have introduced you to Walice before in an earlier blog but if you missed that one, then this is Walice the Fox our mascot. His name is born from the first letter of each of our values – Welcoming, Active, Listening, Inspiring, Caring & Exciting.

Not only do the kids love him but he is a great for us to help communicate and facilitate learning and development with the children. Walice will make appearances at many of our events including Daycamps and is in all of our Early Years settings, but the biggest thing we love about him is that he is a great way to show children that they can dream big, try new things, challenge themselves, take risks and see the world; whilst having all these adventures.

Below is Rob who worked for the YMCA through last Summer with our Holiday Club children at Daycamps. Walice was a big part of the work that they did and when we learned of Rob’s plans to climb Mount Everest we couldn’t think of a better adventure for Walice to go on.

So here is Walice facing his fears and climbing the biggest mountain in the world – well done Walice…oh and well done to Rob too!!

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