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We were saddened to discover that, in the early hours of Thursday 4th July, a break-in occurred at YMCA Woolston Nursery causing much damage and theft. As a result the Nursery had to be closed for a day causing disruption for many families, although they were very understanding and sympathetic to our plight.

You can read and view coverage in ITV Meridian’s report here

Michelle Daly,whose son attends the Nursery, has set up a Go Fund Me page in support of restoring the damage:

My son attends YMCA Woolston Nursery and loves it. Sadly last night they were broken into, smashing many windows, shattering glass in many rooms. Most resources and furnishings will have to be thrown away. The nursery had to close and groups and events cancelled. This effected more than 200 people! Parents could not work and staff have had to work extra to put the setting back together. Let’s get together and help the YMCA with some funds towards resources and windows. They are a great charity that help so many children and families in the community. Donating food, clothes and raising money themselves to help others. Let’s get together and give back to a nursery that gives so much to others. Every little helps

Due to the swift response of the YMCA team and volunteers, the Nursery was cleaned and ready to welcome children back into Nursery on Friday. Aly Murray, Community Manager, comments:

We have been overwhelmed with the level of support shown by the Nursery parents and community members and are so grateful for their help and understanding in this difficult situation. We want to thank everyone for their kind messages and will be holding a community event “One Woolston: Stand Together” on Wednesday 10th July from 1pm. After recent events not only affecting the YMCA nursery, we want to invite everyone to show unity during this time and stand together against crime. The event is to show that the community, residents, business and more will stand together in support to solving the current issues.We will be creating a mural to display in the building of all the hands that are going to help together!”


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