Family Discount Scheme

Family Discount Scheme is changing

YMCA Fairthorne Group have decided to stop selling new discount scheme memberships and make some adjustments to the discounted rates for current members.

The Family Discount Scheme was meant to give customers, tiered early booking discounts on a range of services. Due to the changes in how people now book, and the services we offer having evolved, we think it’s an ideal time for a simpler way of pricing.

What does this mean for current members?

As long as your Family Discount Scheme is still valid, you’ll keep getting discounts on our included services, for the remainder of the validity period of your membership at the date in the below table.

Once your Family Discount Scheme expires, you will no longer receive discounts. We’re moving towards a simpler way of pricing things, and everyone will have access to Early Bird rates. The rates will be different depending on the service, but as long as your scheme is still active you’ll keep getting discounts from all rates, including Early Bird rates.

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Family discount scheme information