As a local community charity, YMCA Fairthorne Group supports over 40,000 children, young people and families every year. The incredible efforts of our supporters, donors and fundraisers help to ensure the continued development of our valued services, as well as funding vital schemes such as our ‘Building Bridges’ Bursary Scheme and Y Care International.

Where your money goes

Take part in a local event at a YMCA branch and your funds will help the continued development and improvement of that branch (70%), our Bursary Scheme (20%), and Y Care International (10%). Take part in on one of our Challenge Events and 100% of your fundraising will be supporting one of the following causes:

‘Building Bridges’ Bursary Scheme – a community-funded programme designed to provide those who have overcome challenges in their lives – from coping with bereavement to living in refuge – the chance to access our valuable YMCA services.

Just £30 can send a disadvantaged child like George to a day at our YMCA Fairthorne Manor Daycamps.

Y Care International – we are proud to be associated with the wider YMCA organisation and other YMCAs across the globe. By contributing to Y Care International’s ‘Youth Investment Fund’, we help provide support to hundred of young lives affected by poverty.

Just £25 can provide tools to help a young person develop their own business, like Dabieh!

Y Care International has been working to purchase a Cooks Kit for 21 year-old Dabieh from West Africa. ‘When I graduate,’ she says, ‘I’ll be able to start my own business selling bread. I’ll be able to finish my house, care for my baby and pay for him to go to school.’

Case study George is 11, and his older brother Ryan struggles with mental health difficulties. As a result, George often feels anxious. Family holidays have often been problematic, as Ryan’s emotional outbursts can be hard to manage, meaning George often misses out.

When given the chance to attend school residential trips, teachers began to notice a real improvement in George’s confidence, and with that, felt as though he would really benefit from some time spent away from home.

During George’s week at YMCA Fairthorne Manor Daycamps, he felt able to travel to and from our site on our bus transport every day – even on a day in which his friend from school was unable to attend. According to George’s mum, he made lots of new friends, enjoyed all of the outdoor activities and came home ‘beaming’ every afternoon!

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Donate as you shop

If you’re an online shopper, you can donate to us as you shop.  Just visit the Give As You Live portal before shopping and we receive a contribution every time you shop. Stores include Amazon, eBay, Tesco and John Lewis.

Sign up to a challenge event!

Our annual YMCA Challenge Events are an exciting way to meet new people, and gain new experiences – whilst raising funds to support our key YMCA causes. If you would like to donate to an event please visit our Justgiving page.

Soton fundraising

Fundraise in your community

Why not challenge yourself to get fit this year and take on a sponsored walk, run, swim or cycle by either organising your own event, or by joining one of the many challenges that take place across the South Coast?

Are you a member of a local community group, or do you work in education? If you would like to book us to speak at a conference, meeting, or within an educational setting – please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Fundraise at work

Being a corporate partner of YMCA Fairthorne Group is a great way to raise the profile of your organisation, gain some great PR, and help you to demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility. Fundraising and volunteering are also a great ways to inspire staff, develop team-building opportunities, and allow them to play an active role in helping their local community.

For more information or to discuss your ideas, please drop us an email!

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Fundraising online is easy!

However you choose to raise funds on behalf of your local community charity, collecting sponsorship could not be easier when using JustGiving.  Start your support today.

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Keep in touch!

If you’re taking on a new challenge this year, let us know! We’d be happy to guide and advise you with ideas, as well as collect and share your fantastic stories and photographs!

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