Children on daycamps bus

16 January 2024

It’s wheely easy to get your child to experience summer Daycamps this year. Below, we have answered some of your commonly asked Qs about the Daycamps bus.

Are buses staffed by YMCA staff?

Yes, we have YMCA bus couriers on each bus who have been through our standard safer recruitment process.  The number of staff is determined by the number of children and the required ratio for each age group.

Is there a communication link between the bus Fairthorne Manor?

Yes, our bus couriers have a designated mobile phone so can be contacted at any time by Fairthorne Manor.

Bus safety

Seat belts are available on all buses and must be worn by passengers at all times.

Is it a private bus service?

Yes, we have a contract with a private coach company to supply our Daycamp bus transport service.  We do not use public buses.

How do you ensure children get to and from the bus safely at Fairthorne Manor?

On arrival at Fairthorne, children are escorted to their Daycamp age group sign-in area by the bus courier.  At the end of the day, we ensure children are escorted to the right bus and a register taken before departure to ensure we have all children on board safely.

If my child uses the bus, how will I know what they’ve achieved that day?

Our Daycamp leaders inform our bus staff what each child has achieved that day so we can inform parents and carers at the bus drop-off.

What if I’m late dropping my child at the bus stop in the morning?

Our buses can only wait for a limited amount of time at each stop, so please ensure you arrive at the bus stop in good time. If you do miss the bus, you can either try to catch the bus up at a later stop or bring your child directly to Fairthorne Manor for that journey.

What if I’m late to collect my child from the bus stop at the end of the day?

If you’re not at the bus stop at the designated time to collect your child, our bus courier will try to contact you on the number you provided at the time of booking.  If we are unable to get hold of you and are unable to wait without delaying other stops, we will keep hold of your child and continue on the bus route.  If you have not managed to catch up with the bus, we will keep hold of your child until we are able to arrange suitable collection and will liaise with the centre.

Can my child walk home from the bus stop alone?

Children will not be left at a bus stop unless we have had a specific instruction from a parent/carer to do so.

What happens if my child takes medication and is catching the bus?

The medication and medication handover form (sent to every parent prior to the Daycamp week) must be handed to the bus courier who will pass the medication and form to Daycamp staff on arrival at Fairthorne.  This process is reversed on the return journey.