8 March 2024

I started working at Fairthorne Manor in 2019 as an Instructor working from May to October, after I returned from travelling. This role included helping with the Daycamps and all the school residentials by running the activities, such as high ropes, where I got my internal qualifications.

I then left Fairthorne Manor at the end of 2019 and didn’t return until mid-2023 when I joined a sales and reception role. This linked into roles I had done in the past and was a perfect mix of sales and customer service.

The sales and reception role combines many different areas such as camping, river, Daycamps and some school groups, so you get to know everyone working and visiting the site. After a busy summer working with Bradley down at Family Park, the camping season was over and I made the switch back into the programme team to work as the Programme Administrator, this involves creating and maintaining the programmes our schools have when they come to Fairthorne.

The reason why I chose to come back to Fairthorne mid 2023 was because of the family atmosphere, which I couldn’t find in other companies. I also like the variety of tasks and the interaction with all different types of people, this is what keeps the roles I do interesting and fulfilling.

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