2 May 2024

As a first-year college student at Eastleigh College studying Event Management, we are encouraged to complete a week of work experience to gain extra experience and knowledge, to improve our grades on the course as well as to step outside of our comfort zone.


To complete my work experience, I decided to go to the YMCA’s marketing department as marketing is a topic we cover in my course and something that I’m very interested in and passionate about. Upon arrival, I was greeted by Sophie and Meg,  who were very welcoming, kind and taught me everything about the current marketing at YMCA as well as all of the services they offer. 


From completing my work experience at Fairthorne Manor, I saw firsthand how much time, hard work, and energy goes into the marketing and how much knowledge and expertise I was able to gain from this. Not only did I really enjoy looking around the beautiful site, but I was also enamored with the work and really learned a whole host of things that I am able to apply to all future career choices. From having never worked in a marketing office setting, I was really surprised with the way that the advertising system works, and how everything they do has a reason behind it, which really results in an increase in sales. 


I am filled with gratitude for the amazing time I had here and the inspirational, extraordinary people I was honoured to work with.