Volunteer at YMCA Fairthorne Group

26 February 2024

Since 2020, Jack has been an integral part of our YMCA Fairthorne Manor family, stepping up during challenging times and making a remarkable difference.  Despite the hurdles of the COVID lockdown, Jack’s commitment to volunteering at YMCA Fairthorne Manor never wavered.

During the summer of 2020, Jack worked diligently alongside the estates team, tending to the 95-acre site. His efforts in maintaining the grass, woodlands and pathways ensured that when we welcomed our customers back, they found an inviting environment.

But Jack’s contributions didn’t stop there!  He continued to lend his expertise to various projects, from managing woodlands to beautifying our Rose Garden.  His versatility truly shines through as he seamlessly transitions between roles. From assisting the activities team in delivering kayak sessions to adding magic to our woodland dens, he brings boundless energy and enthusiasm to everything he does.

And let’s not forget his artistic flair!  If you’ve visited our tuck shop recently, you’ve witnessed Jack’s creative touch, transforming it into a welcoming hop for our guests.

Jack says ‘Volunteering at YMCA Fairthorne Manor has changed my life, if you get the chance to do it, you won’t regret it’

Jack’s heartfelt words resonate deeply with all of us here.  His passion and dedication are not only evident in his actions but also in his belief that volunteering has the power to transform lives.

Jack’s invitation to others to give volunteering a try is a testament to the profound impact it can have. Whether it’s a sense of purpose, building new skills, or simply making meaningful connections, volunteering enriches both the giver and the receiver in countless ways.

So, to anyone considering volunteering at YMCA Fairthorne Manor, take Jack’s advice: seize the opportunity, dive in and experience the magic for yourself.  And in Jack’s words, ‘You won’t regret it!’

Find out more about volunteering with us at Family Park on the 6th March at a Careers Week Open Day event.