4 March 2024

In 2013, after dedicating 26 years of my life to Barclays Bank, I made the bold decision to seek out a new challenge.

Despite the familiarity with corporate banking, I knew I wanted something more fulfilling, and more aligned to my values. An opportunity came up to work for YMCA Fairthorne Group, a local charity dedicated to supporting children and young people. Although my knowledge of the charity was limited, memories of dropping my children off for band camps and school trips at Fairthorne Manor sparked a sense of familiarity and intrigue.

The transition from the corporate world to a not-for-profit was both exhilarating and challenging. No longer confined to the constraints of corporate structures, I found myself liberated to unleash my creative side and embrace opportunities, which has led to personal and professional growth. The camaraderie and shared sense of purpose among colleagues enrich the experience of working for a charity.

Are you looking for a change of career path to a not-for-profit? Fairthorne Group could be the charity for you. Find out more about available career opportunities by contacting: [email protected]